Talk Philly: Sweat Proof Makeup

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Whether you’re walking to work, relaxing at the beach or working out at the gym, if you wear makeup, these hot days can have your face on the floor! The heat just about melts all your makeup away. Check out these tips (some seen on the show and others are a bonus).

When buying products, be sure to look for oil-free, oil –absorbing, and water resistant.
Always prep your skin. Use an oil-absorbing cleanser—either gel-based or clay-based, especially in your T-zone.

Use oil-free Moisturizers. SPF is water-resistant, so putting on a product with SPF is the way to go when you’re going to be sweating, indoors, or out. Look for products that have silica. Silica sits on top of the skin w/o being absorbed which is why makeup glides on top, nice and smooth.