Talk Philly: ‘Get Your Glow Back’

“Get your glow back” with Tracey Timko, aesthetician and make-up artist at b2 Salon in Philadelphia.
• Winter is the best time for peels, such as glycolic peels, lactic acid peels — a boost for the skin’s exfoliation, newer cells can emerge and instant glow is the result – a two glass bowls with glycolic peel product, acid peel product.
• Exfoliate: Will smooth the skin and brighten (physical/granules vs. Enzyme/liquid)
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
• Use the right products for winter — night creams which help to brighten the skin are best in winter since you won’t be out in the summer sun, hydrating serums.
• Stick with liquid makeup … (dryer skin types typically look for how to make their skin glow, so this doesn’t apply to oily skin types who would otherwise stick with powders) mineral, liquid makeup is the best.
• Use a primer for smoother application which reflects light better.
• Gold-toned foundation that is a shade darker than what most people assume they are–spread it out evenly (two of these as well – I think it’s best if you apply this live to the entire face rather than have one side already done).
• Apply shimmer product, in liquid or powder that is available now with many makeup lines out there.
• Lip Gloss in Coral, Nude or Clear colors is great.